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It's a wild world out there, and here at EdgeGuides, we don't like to keep secrets!

The best and most beautiful locations on and off the map are what we are all about, and if you’ve discovered something others might miss - you can put a pin in that!

Your fellow travellers will love you forever, and you’ll benefit from their explorations too! With the push of a button, you can map out all sorts of fascinating experiences and leave reviews, key information and any weird and wonderful details you can think of so no one misses out.

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Not happy merely screaming about your vacation from the mountain tops?

Then spread the word online and let everyone know how much fun you’re having while they’re stuck at work!

Whether it be on Facebook or via email, get your friends inspired and plan their next trip by sharing your adventures and boasting (sorry! I meant posting) about it on your socials.

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Have you explored a Pin dropped by a fellow traveller?

Let us know if they hit the nail on the head or completely missed the mark by rating the experience out of 5 stars!

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Tips, Tricks & Hacks

If you should find yourself in a pickle, our handy list of tips and tricks will help you get back on the road with plenty of helpful solutions!

Plus, if you have some tried and true travel hacks of your own, share them here to help your fellow travellers!

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